When a man and a woman have sexual intercourse during menstruation, they are most often oblivious of the consequences of their acts. The tendency, for Christians in this category, is to go for isolated verses of Scripture to justify their actions. One of the Scriptures is Leviticus 18:19
Leviticus 18:19You shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness while she is in her menstrual uncleanness. (RSV)
Sexual activities are both physical and spiritual, and therefore affect us both physical and spiritual beings of a person. The above Scripture talks only of the aspect of uncleanliness.
Health Implications
Infertility can result from sexual intercourse during menstruation because medical science reveals that the immune system of the woman is low during menstruation and so bacteria can survive easily when introduced into the woman’s womb in whatever form.
Below, I endeavor to list a few things that can happen when there is sexual relationship during a woman’s menstruation.
1. During menstruation, the lining of the woman’s uterus is shed. That is what comes out in form of blood. Bacterial can be introduced by the man through sex or sometimes the dirty fingers of the man if the fingers are used. And because the immune system of the woman is down, the bacteria can grow and multiply quickly;

2. Such bacteria can move quickly up to the fallopian tubes and cause blockage. In some cases when not totally blocked it could cause ectopic pregnancy;

3. Sexual relationship can cause low sperm activity in a man;

4. Sexual relationship during menstruation can cause weakness of the bladder; and

5. Sexual relationship can cause a failure of the kidney.
The five things I have listed above are medical conditions that can affect either of the man or woman when they indulge in sexual relationship during the woman’s period of menstruation. And some of these conditions can cause infertility or the inability to conceive or father a child.
Spiritual Implications
Leviticus 20:18 “‘If a man lies with a woman having her monthly period, and uncovers her nakedness; he has made naked her fountain, and she has uncovered the fountain of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people. (WEB)
The commandment stated above is not one that can be said to be an Old Testament commandment. God is not talking of ceremonial cleanliness as in Leviticus 18:19. Here, God is saying that the man deliberately went to explore the fountain where the blood was flowing from, while the woman deliberately allowed the man. God’s judgment is that they would be cut off from their family.
Let me give you examples of this “cut off from among their people”.
A Woman Who Lost Twelve Children
My team and I were one time invited to conduct a revival in an orthodox church in a village. When we got there the catechist of the church invited me to pray for a man who was about 52 years of age and who was dying of an ailment. Her mother, now probably over 80 years of age, was sad and weeping. I prayed for the man and then left. I was not satisfied with the prayers I prayed. It was like the prayers were hitting the ceiling and falling back. I went back to where we were lodged and started to seek the face of the Lord concerning the man. The Holy Spirit gave me a word. The woman had had a sexual intimacy with a close relative. It is also as deadly as sex during menstruation. The penalty is the same – cutting off from the family. I rose up to go and meet the old woman to ask her to confess her sins to God, so I could now pray for the sick man to receive healing. As I got out, I heard the noise of weeping. On enquiry I learnt that the man had died. I was devastated. But what devastated me more was what I was told when I got there. The man was the only surviving child of the old woman. She had had twelve children, and one by one, they had died. None of them died below the age of thirty five. Each one died after the age of thirty-five. That is what it means to be cut off from among the family. When this woman dies, she is not survived by any child.
Another Woman Lost Some Children
I once went to visit a family friend, met some people with the man, and the mood was too solemn. I asked what the matter was and was told that the woman’s brother had died, and she had travelled to see the other members of the family. I prayed with them and decided to leave. My friend called me and told me the story I am about to relate. A couple had seven children. The father died later on. In 1996 the first and the third child were travelling, were involved in an accident, and died. In 1998 the second child was sick and died. Then in September of year 2000 the fourth child was sick and died. They then realized that it was a trend – death of a child each two years. I asked to see their mother and upon investigation gathered that she had had sexual relationship during menstruation. I led her to break the covenants and curses involved and then I prayed to break the curse on the rest of the children. The rest of the children are now alive, hale and hearty.
The Causes of Infertility
From all what you have read so far, you will understand that infertility can be caused by both medical and spiritual conditions. One of the spiritual conditions is having sexual relationship during menstruation.

About the Author
Rev Emmanuel Oladapo is a teacher of the Word of God, and had been in the ministry of deliverance for over three decades. He specializes in teaching Scriptural self-deliverance.
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